Research Initiative

Research Initiative@TRISUTRA

At the CSIR’s Ayurgenomics unit “TRISUTRA” our aim to integrate Ayurveda, genomics and modern medicine. Baseline Prakriti Tridosha (homeostatic state) in an individual is a prelude for dynamic states of health and evolution of disease states (perturbed state of doshas). Development and progression of different diseases with their subtypes depends upon the origin and mechanism of perturbation of doshas, their site of interaction and manifestation. The therapeutic axis of TRISUTRA aims to maintain or bring back the doshas to their homeostatic state using unique treatment modalities along with diet and life style recommendations. Currently system biology envisages integrating and threading the multi-scalar genetic, cellular, physiological and environmental networks to predict phenotypic outcomes of perturbations and their variations for translation to P4 medicine. The challenge is in developing a unifying scaffold that connects multi-scalar networks from genetic cause to effect, for understanding human individuality and predict his/her phenotypic outcome in perturbations.

The following research initiatives have undertaken in the unit:

  • Explore health, disease and therapeutic concepts of Ayurveda using genomic approaches to identify molecular correlates of principles of Prakriti (basic Constitution)

    • in multi-ethnic population
    • from different geographical locations
    • from different age groups

  • Explore heritability of Prakriti
  • Develop objective phenotyping parameters for Prakriti
  • Identify molecular correlates of principles of Vikriti (diseases) in respiratory, neuropsychiatric, metabolic disease etc to identify markers for predictive, preventive and personalised medicine
  • Integration of Ayurveda based Phenome Stratification for personalised disease management
  • Explore microbiome in health and disease
  • Validation of Prakriti leads in model systems
  • Exploring regulatory networks underlying Prakriti
  • Validation of molecular signatures of Prakriti through Ayurvedic interventions
  • Development and integration of novel as well as contemporary tools of genomics and integrative biology for network medicine
  • Evolving methods for bridging the ontological gap between Ayurveda, modern biology.