Our Approach

Multidisciplinary research involving integration of expertise and approaches from Ayurveda, modern medicine, biology, public health, genomics, statistics, mathematics

Our Network

TRISUTRA Unit : Expertise , resource and infrastructure support from CSIR-IGIB

  • Population Genomics, Transcriptomics, Metagenomics
  • ncRNA Biology, integrative biology and Functional Genomics in model systems
  • Disease genomics in the area of neuropsychiatric, metabolic, respiratory and skin disorders
  • Genome Informatics including development of algorithms, databases and integrative analysis pipelines for NGS application
  • Developed an integrative framework for Ayurgenomics Research

We have faculty, students and associates from diverse disciplines of medicine, genomics, computational and IT sciences, chemistry and different streams of biology.

IGIB houses Indian Genome Variation Database that provides basal variation data from diverse Indian populations. It has also been a part of many International genomics collaborative initiatives like the PanAsian SNP consortium and Gen2Phen database development.