Bhavana Prasher

Dr. Bhavana Prasher

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian System of medicine with personalized approach in predictive preventive & curative aspects of medicine. Understanding inter-individual variability and personalized recommendations based on that, for management of health and disease are the salient aspect of Ayurveda. Dr Bhavana Prasher is interested in integrating methods and practices of Ayurveda with modern genomics to decipher the modern biological basis underlying the principles of Ayurveda.

She has established methods for the integration of Ayurveda Prakriti (human constitutions) principles in Ayurgenomics and has been a key member of the team that provided the first genomic correlates of Prakriti and also demonstrated the importance of this integrative approach for discovery of predictive marker for high altitude adaptation. She is involved in developing a novel integrative framework for network medicine.

Her research is in the following broad areas:

  • Evolving clinical phenotyping methods for integration of Prakriti methods of Ayurveda in phenome stratification within and across populations of India.
  • Deciphering the modern biological basis underlying the principles of Ayurveda through Ayurgenomics approach.
  • Probing the molecular basis of Trisutra concept of interconnectedness between the etiological factors (Hetu),phenotypes (Linga) and therapeutic recommendation (Aushadha) for healthy and diseased.

Her work involves clinical phenotyping using Prakriti methods of Ayurveda as well as modern objective parameters such as Autonomic function tests, anthropometric parameters etc and linking them to genomic variability at different OMIC levels through integrated analysis. In collaboration with the modern biologists she is developing model systems that aims to explore the molecular basis of Ayurvedic interventions on the concepts of Tridosha. Her group is also involved in evolving methods for systematic exploration of Ayurveda descriptions and integration with modern descriptions for development of a common ontological framework.

Research publications:

1. Prasher B et al Whole genome expression and biochemical correlates of extreme constitutional types defined in Ayurveda. J Transl Med. 2008 Sep 9;6:48.

2. Aggarwal S et al EGLN1 involvement in high-altitude adaptation revealed through genetic analysis of extreme constitution types defined in Ayurveda. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010 Nov 2;107(44):18961-6.

3. Tav Pritesh Sethi et al Ayurgenomics: a new way of threading molecular variability for stratified medicine. ACS Chem Biol 2011 6: 9. 875-880.

Bhavana Prasher
Contact Information
Room No. 323,
Sukhdev Vihar,
Mathura Road,
New Delhi – 110 020
Tel: 91-11-29879 323

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